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About Us

Litofish Ltd. was founded on July 26, 2006, and its core business is the frozen food market.

Being a relatively new company in the market, its growth rate is far above the industry average. This is due to the professionalism of our dynamic team and to the three decades experience of our administration.

Customers satisfaction is our priority, so we only acquire first quality materials. We have also implemented the HACCP system, (preventive system of food safety control) that ensures our products satisfies all EU standards; veterinary control number; and number of receiver operator. Our work is developed aware that health reflects feed and always in search for the best food its conservation, freshness and quality.
Litofish differentiates itself by its relations with customers and by serving with quality in a reduced execution time, a commitment that can only be achieved thanks to our highly professional human capital and to the specificity of our infrastructures (which includes the newly opened fish processing unit, equipped with modern equipment and the most sophisticated technologies).

We have an unique know-how in the several departments of the company which facilitates the coordination of the entire structure in favor of our customer service, but we still want to increase it higher.
Litofish’s social and environmental awareness are based on values ​​such as respect for the environment and continuous improvement of the conditions to prevent environmental sustainability and species.
Our company now occupies a place in the market that has been achieved over the years and it’s result of our work with customers, a good financial performance and responsible management. The customers and consumers is source of pride and, above all, an incentive to get better every day, not forgetting the values ​​in which we believe.

We work to satisfy you. Whether in diversity or in presentation of our products, quality, speed of delivery or price-quality ratio of our products, our goal is always the same: Keep you happy.


Litofish Ltd mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers, giving its contribution to a healthy and balanced diet through high quality frozen products. It’s also its goal to maintain a healthy relationship with employees and suppliers, respect the environment and have a socially responsible attitude.


Litofish Ltd. aims to be recognized as a leader in the highest quality standards, working daily to the expansion on international markets (EU and extra-Community), where it already owns a small share-of-market, and on markets unexplored.


Litofish Ltd. bets on professionalism, products excellence, customer satisfaction and a healthy and ethical relationship with its suppliers and employees..